About Covenant | Consistent excellence is no accident

Excellence is not a repetitious reproduction of the result from last time.  To be consistently great — to create excellence each time – you must start with a fresh attitude each time.  As a result you have the opportunity to deliver a better result each time.

The goal of excellence unleashes energy, innovation, and commitment.  The results of repetition in customer service are often boredom, assumptions, bad listening and a contrived result that fails.  The key is to never confuse repetition for consistency.

Covenant Closing & Title Services is a well-established local title insurance and real estate settlement services company that has earned a strong reputation and leadership role in the state of Florida by providing consistent excellence. Our patent pending QuickClose Program is revolutionizing the title and closing industries. Providing the quickest, smoothest closing process available anywhere in the country.  

Real Estate Professionals, Lenders, and Buyers and Sellers look to Covenant Closing as their preferred local source for all their title and real estate settlement services.

Efficient, easy, and smooth closings

Working as a highly experienced team of escrow and title officers, who take pride in consistently paying meticulous attention to detail.


  • Determine from the public record the Seller's rights to a property while ensuring that the Buyer receives all intended rights
  • Confirm annual tax amounts and the Seller's current tax status with applicable taxing authorities
  • Collect payoff figures for the current liens on the property to be paid at closing
  • Check that the Buyer has arranged for homeowner's insurance coverage, paid for the first year's premium prior to closing and verify the annual premium
  • Schedule closing with all parties at a convenient time and location
  • Work with the Buyer's/Borrower's lender to prepare a closing package
  • Conduct a professional and efficient closing
  • Handle post-closing Deed & Mortgage recordings
  • Prepare title insurance policies with finesse and speed

From the Lender's "OK to close" to our preparation of a Closing Disclosure to scheduling convenient closing times, Covenant Closing is known for paving the way to a comfortable, stress-free final transaction closing.

We're local, easy to work with and offer highly competitive pricing. Plus, we can provide Buyers with the added guarantee of title insurance - all in one place.

A single point of service

Working closely with the Realtor, Seller, Buyer, Lender, and/or Buyer, Covenant Closing will initiate and conduct a title search of the property.

Determining the quality of the title to property requires the knowledge of an experienced, reliable team player like Covenant Closing.

Title searches often reveal minor problems that need correction before the title is "clear." Covenant Closing can readily solve these problems by obtaining and recording "corrective" documents. If there is a title issue, it is the seller's responsibility to clear the matter prior to closing. Covenant Closing will readily guide the parties through the resolution process.

On average, transaction files are in process for two to four weeks. Assuming no title problems exist, we've also been known to close in less than 48 hours, if that's what it takes to get to the closing table.

Call us today at 386.986.4623 or click here to contact a member of our knowledgeable staff to answer any questions you may have regarding title insurance and real estate settlement services.