QuickClose™: Title, Escrow and Closing Solutions

Buyers & Sellers who choose to participate will signup using the QuickClose Closing & Title Services Agreement and fill out the QuickClose Customer Information Form. For a very nominal fee*, buyers and seller will receive the following benefits**:

  1. QuickClose prepares seller and seller’s property to close in as much as 7-10 days quicker than a traditional closing.
  2. Seller’s entire team is fully in place and engaged from For-Sale to Sold.
  3. Identify potential problems right up front, for resolution before the buyer ever comes along.
  4. A Preliminary Title Commitment is issued and “clear title” requirements understood before the purchase and sale agreement is negotiated.
  5. Signatory requirements are understood and in place, i.e. individuals, multiple sellers, out of state signings, estates, divorce, organizations, corporations, etc.
  6. Loan payoffs and lien release processes in place.
  7. Sellers gain confidence that they are “Clear-to-Close”.
  8. Buyers favor a property ready to close, giving the seller an edge over other properties in the marketplace.
  9. Marketing and social media assistance is provided to help the seller and seller’s Realtor bring a deal to the table as soon as possible.
  10. Industry leading technology reaches buyers from anywhere in the world with our Virtual Reality Tours & Aerial Photography.
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  11. Buyers and sellers receive added IT and financial protections against potential fraud. 
  12. Buyer's lender requirements are understood in advance of a purchase and sale agreement
  13. Buyer's lender's title insurance committment requirements are assessed
  14. Buyer's lender's E-closing policies, processes and procedures are secured early on. 
  15. For the first time, QuickClose brings together a complete team dedicated to the smoothest, fastest closing experience possible, from day one.

* QuickClose fee is in addition to customary closing fees.  **Some restrictions and may apply

The Future of Real Estate Transactions

QuickClose places the title agency in a similar relationship with the buyers and sellers that the Realtors, brokers and lenders have. For the first time, a title company will now contract directly with buyers and sellers of real property for title and closing services. 

This direct relationship changes everything with regards to what a title company can and cannot do when providing products and services to its “customer”. In addition to traditional products and services, new products and services can now be added to reflect the earlier involvement in the process. QuickClose offers innovative co-marketing products and services directly to the seller and additional IT and financial security to both buyers and sellers. The title company, real estate company and lenders begin to work together to the benefit of their mutual customers, the buyers and sellers. It is this dynamic that will fundamentally change the relationships in our industry. Title agents, Realtors and lenders can now work together with clearly defined roles, absent “conflicts of interest”.

The History of Slow Real Estate Transactions

Under traditional customs and norms, the title company is very limited in its early involvement with a buyer or seller of real property prior to creation of a purchase and sale agreement. Additionally, due to governmental regulations, the title company is restricted from providing benefits, goods and/or services to any third-party service provider, like a Realtor and lenders representing a consumer in the marketing of their property or the securing of a loan. Therefore, title companies provide relatively insignificant products or services to the consumer or to these third-party providers early on. They may provide a cursory title search, plat map, subdivision CC&R’s or perhaps some open house flyers to assist their “customer”, the Realtor. When, in fact, per governmental regulations the actual “customer” is the buyer or seller, the consumer. This approach places the title company in the position of offering the Realtors and brokers the very same things every other title company can/cannot offer. The title company pitch is always the same, including the obligatory “we provide the best service”, along with maybe some freshly baked cookies. Hardly the most innovative way to provide the “best service” to the “customer”, the buyers and sellers who are the actual recipient of our products and services.

For the most part, the first time a title company gets directly involved in a real estate transaction is when the buyers and sellers enter into a purchase and sale agreement and, thereby, identify the title company as a service provider. Even at this point, there is never an actual contract directly between the title company and the buyer or seller. The title company is merely a third-party service provider identified in an agreement signed by two other parties. QuickClose fundamentally changes these relationship and significantly improves the customer/consumer experience.  


Faster Real Estate Transactions

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