Why Do We Need Encryption?
ALTA’s best practices recommend that Land Title Agents adopt and maintain a written privacy and information security program to protect Non-public Personal Information (NPI) as required by local, state and federal laws.  Email Encryption is highly recommended because Land Title professionals are third-party vendors to Lenders and the requirements placed on Lenders by Gramm-Leach-Bliley and similar laws flow through to title and settlement providers.
The Email Encryption Problem
Most email encryption products are clumsy!  They require the individual opening the encrypted email to jump through hoops by creating accounts, using logons and managing passwords.  Making matters worse, is the fact that most email encryption solutions force the recipient to click on questionable website links and these links can be blocked by lenders and other financial institutions.
How does Encryption Work?
Automatic Encryption– our system detects NPI such as social security numbers, wire transfer info, etc. and automatically encrypts though a series of predefined filters.
Manual Encryption-  a click of a simple lock icon in our Outlook allows for instant encryption of any outgoing email.
How is Email Delivered?
Direct-To-Inbox – Emails just show up in our customer’s inboxes.
In some cases, less than 10% of the time, if our system sees a security concern, the recipient will receive a notification that they have an encrypted email.  They simply click one button and retrieve.  No accounts, No usernames, and No passwords.